5 Days until C-Day (Chicken Day!)

Finally, after months of preparation, we almost have our chickens!  Next Tuesday, we will be receiving 6 Black Australourpes and 6 Barred Rocks from a wonderful farm in Marlborough NH.  Once these chickens are fully grown, they’ll look something like this:

blas1002SONY DSC

We have so much to do in the meantime! We’re getting the coop (donated by a Winch family that we are eternally grateful for) on Friday night, buying all of the supplies on Saturday, and setting everything up on Sunday.  Since none of us have any experience with chickens, we’ve relied on local experts and online websites to guide our ways.  I must admit– I may have become more obsessed with these chickens than any of my students.  I spent about 4 hours last night reading up on how to best keep predators out of the coop, which is by far my biggest fear.

However, with the chickens arriving ever so soon, it’s time to stop worrying and start working.  Our group is fabulously motivated to get the hens’ home ready before they arrive, so hopefully this excitement lasts for the rest of the school year!

-Ms. Henkins


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