Chickens are Fast

For many of weeks, I have been chasing the chickens.  They are really fast, I have to say. their average speed is 100km/h. It takes all of my energy to catch them every night.  (Gideon & Masashi)







Lately, we’ve been dealing with a lot of chicken “fights”. As farmer Frankie said, he had to “break up” the black chicken with a blue tag and a spotted chicken because they were beckoning at each other. However, this is just a little misunderstandment between the chickens. Other wise everything is going well and they all love each other.  🙂

Stay clucky!!!!

Miyuki and Rosie 🙂

First Egg Cookies

With three of our first eggs (we’re going to try to frame the first one!), I made cookies for our entire group.  The yolks were so orange; infinitely better than store bought eggs!

Here’s a before picture– the kids ate the cookies too quickly for me to snap one of the finished product.


Still Going Strong

The past week has been extremely busy between making sure the chickens have a sustainable and comfortable home, and adapting to the new challenges we are faced with. The coop has had a fairly positive reaction on campus and we have had many visitors and friends come by to greet the chickens. We have also had a lot of interest in sponsoring chickens and some interesting names have flocked up.

chickenOur next focus will be on building a gate and improving our fence. We will be working around the cluck (haha) in order to make our chicken coop into a chicken palace, and we will have the help of many different students on Earth Day next week.

-ChickInn Eggsecutive, Josh George



The chickens made it through the night! YAY

As I came around to wish our chicks good morning, I was trilled to see that there was still 12 of them! I counted them about 4 times just to make sure and about 3 more times when it came time to wish them good night.

Today, we met as a group to go over the “chick-checks” and make sure that everyone had a job and knew what to do with our new friends. It is so exciting to see my peers engaged and happy to see our chickens! This weekend, we will attempt to build a gate and finish the fence so that the chickens can roam freely (well sort of).

Our chickens might not have the straightest fence, but they surely are treated like super stars.